Murder suspect to undergo mental checkup,court orders

A youthful Bodaboda operator will be forced to undergo a mental checkup before pleading guilty or not guilty to murdering his client who was also a Prison officer in Nakuru.

Justice Janet Mulwa gave the order saying it was in order to ascertain whether the suspect was mentally normal before proceeding with the case which will be mentioned on January 16.

Peter Omariba was accused of murder of sergeant James Stephen Obuya on January 3 earlier this year near Gicheha Bridge River Rongai , Nakuru County.

The court was informed that on the incident day, the deceased boarded the Motorbike belonging to Omariba and on reaching the Bridge Gicheha, He turned against the client strangled causing death.

Later on Omariba availed himself at the Rongai Police station claiming that his client Sergeant Obuya had attacked him and as a defense mechanism he fought and injured him leaving him unconscious and unfortunately when the police arrived they found Obuya already dead,thus arresting Omariba for murder.

Omariba will now remain in remand as his case proceeds.