Muchorwe residents now want justice for the minors sodomized by a known suspect

Police in Molo are in pursuit of a 41 year old man who has gone into hiding after sexually assaulting two minor boys aged 11 and 12 years at Baraget forest bordering Molo constituency.

According to police, the boys who were treated at a private hospital and discharged narrated their ordeal claiming that the man lured them into his charcoal burning business before pausing on them and repeatedly sodomized them in a thicket.
The boys claimed that the man threatened to slash them with hoe and spade and bury them alive in the burning charcoal.
Leah Kwamboka and Alice Nyapara, the mothers of the molested boys said that this is not the first sexual act perpetuated by the suspect in the area.

They said the accused had been jailed for a similar offence several years ago but was released under mysterious conditions despite an alleged defilement case.

The residents of Muchorwe village and its environ are baying for the suspects’ blood and has vowed that they will lynch him if police fail to seize him in 5 days.

The residents called on the police to expedite investigations and charge the suspect in court or else hand him over to them for instant punishment saying if jailed he will consume government resources and be released under unclear conditions once again.

The parents told the press that the jailbird remains dangerous to both adults and children calling on the government to ensure justice for the children prevails.

Martin Gicinga

A writer passionate about Nakuru. I have interest in history, people, interesting places, technology and politics not necessarily in that order.