MP on spot as locals demand answers over NG-CDF funded projects

Just days after media highlighted the case of neglected Mogoon Primary school in Nakuru Town West constituency; residents of Nakuru Town west constituency have vowed to ensure every project is scrutinized before implementation.

A week ago media had highlighted the poor state of the school with sinking latrines, leaking roofs and dilapidated classrooms.

This prompted area MP Samuel Arama to visit the school on Monday making an announcement that the National Government CDF kitty had set aside Ksh.6 million for the development of the school.

However a section of residents feel the MP who has been busy erecting perimeter walls for schools has misplaced priorities as inside the schools reveals a different story despite the magnificent look from outside.

A spot check in various schools in the area reveals that the classrooms are dilapidated and need urgent renovation.Residents have now vowed to take projects in the area seriously putting the MP and the entire Nakuru West NG-CDF office to task over project priorities.

According to Mr. Dickson Mutai- a resident of Kapkures and alumni of Mogoon Primary school, the area has been neglected for many years in terms of development.

In an interview on Tuesday, Mr.Mutai called on locals to be alert and ensure transparency and accountability as far as NG-CDF projects are concerned.He says the law is very clear on matters citizen participation in prioritizing projects, social auditing and implementation.

“Projects in this constituency must be scrutinized and we are appealing to the locals to wake up and play their role in ensuring priority, accountability and transparency” said Mutai.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mr. Eric Ogada who called on area MP to put right his priorities as far as development projects are concerned.

Ogada who unsuccessfully contested the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2017 also expressed his disappointment over what he terms is neglect of education sector in Nakuru West and more so those in Kapkures ward.

He says even after raising the matter in the media, the area MP visited Mogoon primary school and furiously queried the teachers for allowing media to highlight the same.According to Ogada, the MP should have addressed the problem just like his Kilifi counterpart did.

“I am disappointed with the action taken by MP to intimidated teachers and Board members after we highlighted the poor state of Mogoon Primary school. I think as a leader he should have addressed the issue like his Kilifi counterpart did” said Ogada.

He says, as residents they will be writing to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of education to visit the schools in the area and ascertain the crisis.Ogada maintains that no teacher should be intimidated or threatened.

“No teacher should be intimidated. We shall be writing to the Ministry so that the CS himself visits the schools in Nakuru West” said Ogada.

Besides education sector, the residents have also raised concerned over the footbridges project in the constituency.While citing Parkview-Barut footbridge, and Kaptembwa-Barut footbridge, they say the amount of money used as per the auditor’s report does not reflect the completed projects.

According to the auditor’s report the Parkview-Barut footbridge consumed Ksh 1.1 million while the Kaptembwa-Barut footbridge rail guards’ construction consumed Ksh 1 million.

In addition, the report indicates that multi-million used on NG-CDF sports in Nakuru West,but the locals say there has never been tournament sponsored by the kitty.

This, they say might have been an avenue for embezzlement of tax payer’s money as the projects on ground do not reflect the amount in the auditor’s report.

“It is shocking that the projects on the ground the work done does not in any way reflect the millions used as indicated by the auditor general. As residents we want this investigated” said Ogada.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Parkview-Barut footbridge in Nakuru Town West constituency.According to auditor’s report the project consumed Ksh 1.1 million.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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