MP Njoki participates in Rurii Marathon towards mental health awareness

Mental health is a serious issue that needs concerted effort.

This even as members of the community are urged to take the first step in addressing the same.

Bahati MP Irene Njoki who has matters mental health at heart says everyone in society should play their part in ensuring the issue is addressed.

Speaking over the weekend when she took part in the first-ever Rurii Marathon, she vowed to work closely with other stakeholders in ensuring those with mental health issues are assisted through counseling sessions.

“I participated in the first-ever Rurii marathon, organized by its patron Mr Joram and the community. We ran 10 kilometers to raise awareness of mental health, a cause that is close to my heart,” stated Njoki.

The Lawmaker also called for the need for young people with talents to be supported.

She vowed to work closely with young people in nurturing their talents.

“I believe that we need to support our young people and help them discover and develop their talents,” she said.

MP Njoki used the event to urge anyone who is struggling with mental health challenges to seek help and not suffer in silence.

She assured that such individuals are not alone, and that they deserve to be happy and healthy.

The MP also called on society to come out if they know someone who l needs free counseling, to dial the Kenya Red Cross hotline at 1199.

She noted that Kenya Red Cross has trained professionals who can listen and offer support.

“Remember, there is no shame in asking for help. Together, we can overcome the stigma and create a better future for ourselves and our society,” she stated.


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