MP Keter routes for a Youth Justice Act

There is need for a Youth Justice Act in place to look into offenses that are referred by police and courts and which touch on young offenders to ensure fair justice.

Nominated MP Gideon Keter says he has already commenced the process to ensure the punishment given to the youths is not that harsh.

He says, as it stands now the courts have been implementing some laws especially in cases touching on youths has been somehow harsh.

The Legislator citing scenario where a 19 year old having sexual offense with a minor of 17 years, when taken to court they are given a harsh punishment as that of 19 year old defiling a 17 year old.

He says such lead to the poor development of boy child.

The Lawmaker says the Act should ensure that when a police or court refers a case of a minor they should be taken to Youth Justice Centers where they can be taken through lessons to ensure they are restored back to society.

“Our young people are really suffering a lot in matters justice and that is why I felt we need the Act in place”said Keter.

He added that he is in talks with the LSK and members of the Judiciary at large to address such so as to save the young people who are suffering due to petty offenses.

The Legislator was addressing media in Nakuru on Friday during the official opening of the new established Nakuru Law Courts.

The ceremony was presided over by Chief Justice David Maraga.

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