MP Kathambi puts CS Magoha to task over laxity in registration of schools

Njoro Member of Parliament Charity Kathambi has asked the Ministry of education to come out clear on the creteria used in registration of schools.

Through a petition presented to the National Assembly on Wednesday Morning,the vocal Nakuru Legislator says the Ministry has failed to register several schools in her constituency.

The schools include Bidii Mau Primary,Koibiyot Primary,Kilo Secondary school,Sossoit Primary,Chorwet Secondary,Amani Secondary,Koilonget Secondary and Tengecha secondary school.

The MP has querried why the schools despite meeting all the requirements are yet to be registered by the Ministry of education.

This,the MP says has a negative impact even in the government’s 100pc transition from primary to secondary.

“This is serious laxity on the side of the Ministry and that is why I have requested for answers through the National Assembly” said the MP over phone interview.

According to the Njoro Legislator,if the Ministry is sincere with the 100pc transition then they should ensure the schools are registered.

She has called on the Ministry of education to come out clear on the matter.

“Yes… actually I have many unregistered schools. They are not sincere with 100pc transition. Most Schools not registered”she said.

She says the matter has already been forwarded to the Departmental Committee on Education and research at the National Assembly.

The government through the Ministry of education has been on the forefront in advocating for the 100 pc transition.

However,it seems there is much to be done in terms of infrastructure for schools.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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