Mololine Drivers warned of overspeeding during festive season

Mololine Services Limited Drivers who who exceed the 80 Kilometer per hour speed limit this festive season will be fined Kshs.2, 000.
According to Mololine Service Limited management, this is in a bid to tame accidents during this festive season.
The management says, this is among numerous measures they have put in place to ensure security and safety of their clients.
Mololine chairman Njoroge Kariuki Bumasu says speeding was among the major cause of accidents in the country hence the need to tame the same.
“Though our vehicles are fitted with speed governors, we are tracking them and any driver speeding is fined Kshs. 2,000. It is not aimed at harassing or intimidating them, but to instill road discipline” he said.
Bumasu added that they are working and complimenting National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on its quest to minimize road carnage.
“We should take part in efforts to make our road safe because it is a collective responsibility. We do not want this festive season to lose our loved ones hence traffic laws should be respected and followed” he added.
With high number of passengers travelling upcountry, Bumasu pointed that, every vehicle has two drivers who work in turns.
“This will help the driver to rest because if they over work, fatigue may take toll on them leading to a high chance of causing accident” he said.
He also challenged Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) to erect bumps where necessary, mark and put signage to avoid accident.
Meanwhile, passengers travelling upcountry are forced to dig deep into their pocket with most public vehicles fares having been hiked.
Passengers travelling from Nairobi to Nakuru are paying Kshs.500 from Kshs.300 earlier via Mololine.
It will be remembered that Mololine management recently opened ultramodern Matatu stage at Milimani that is offering high class services.
Passengers traveling are screened and their details stored in a computerized system for accountability and safety reasons.

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