Molo continues to bear logging ban brunt

Molo sub-county in Nakuru county continues to bear the economic brunt of the logging ban.

Logging has been the backbone of Molo economy for a long time and the recent ban by Deputy President has left many households without an income.

Speaking during the World Forestry Day event at Molo Township, area MP Francis Kuria Kimani sent out a passionate appeal to the government to reconsider the ban.

“We are sending an urgent appeal as Molo residents. A lot of families have been left without a means to earn an income. Many young people who were working at sawmills have been sacked. Before the three months are over, there is going to be a huge backlash economically and socially for the people affected,” said the MP.

The youthful first time MP had made a similar appeal to the DP two weeks ago when the two met at a church function in Njoro. The DP responding to the appeal had however remained firm that the ban will have to stand for the entire 90 days.

The Nakuru county senator who was at the same event assured residents that she and other leaders were still pursuing the matter with the DP.

“I am aware of the hard times many households are going through since the ban. I’ve had meetings with some saw millers and its quite sad that they have terminated the services of so many people,” said the senator.

Kihika revealed that two of the saw millers she had met with had between them sacked over 1200 workmen.

A representative of the saw millers who spoke at the tree planting event said they have always followed a strict code of conduct in the line of their duty.

“I can describe the saw millers here as practicing responsible logging. Between us, we have planted the highest number of trees in Molo and the surrounding areas,” he said.

The logging ban is expected to come to an end by the last week of May. The ban that was imposed on 24th February has already had its effect on ordinary Kenyans not only in job losses but also in rising costs of charcoal and firewood which are the two main sources of cooking energy in many rural homes and towns.

By the time the ban comes to an end, people expect the cost of charcoal to have almost doubled adding to the burden of rising costs of living.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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  1. No right thinking Kenyan,member of parliament no less would decry the ban on logging.THERE SHOULD BE A TOTAL MORATORIUM OF NO LESS THAN 7 YEARS ON THIS BAN. Watu watafute kazi nyingine.

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