Menengai East residents up in arms over ‘grabbed’ land

A section of Menengai East ward residents on Monday held peaceful demonstrations demanding repossession of public land which they say has been grabbed by a private developer.

The angry residents carrying placards with writings ‘we want back our land’, address our plight’, ‘ we are tired with land grabbers’ protested along Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru up to Governor’s office demanding to be addressed.

Addressing media led by Mr.Mwangi Diwani, the residents said the land is public property that was meant for construction of public amenities.

They said they will not sit and watch as private developers ‘grab’ land that is mean to benefit the public.

They also condemned the arrest of their area MCA after he started fighting to ensure the land that is adjacent to Mediheal Hospital in Nakuru is returned to the public.

“We are tired with land grabbers and that is why we are fighting to ensure our land is repossessed. The private developer will not sit on this land which survey has indicated that the land is a public utility,” said Diwani.

The angry residents claimed the developer had forged documents to claim the land.

They called on Governor Lee Kinyanjui and other elected leaders in Nakuru among them Senator Susan Kihika to step in and ensure the matter is settled.

“The private developer should come out clear how he got the documents,” they said.

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