Meet the Famous Champion of Education, Conservation and Peace

Njoro Member of Parliament Charity Kathambi prides in being a champion on matters education, conservation and peace.

The lawmaker maker first made it to Parliament in 2017 trouncing male counterparts on Jubilee ticket.
She later in 2022 recaptured the seat on United Democratic Alliance Party whose party leader is President William Ruto.
Since then, the lawmaker has been vocal on matters education in the cosmopolitan constituency.
Under her patronage of NG-CDF kitty, several public secondary schools in her constituency have been able to receive buses in support for the trips and other academic tours.
The MP has embarked on transforming schools’ infrastructure.
Schools in all the six wards of Njoro constituency will benefit in the ongoing upgrade and construction of additional classrooms and other infrastructure.
Some of the new classrooms will soon be commissioned as schools re-open for first term in January 2024.
Under the NG-CDF kitty, several students have also undergone through technical and vocational training in various courses in Njoro.
On matters environmental conservation, Kathambi who previously served in the Environment committee in the National assembly, has continued to advocate for general environmental conservation in homes encouraging locals to plant trees even in their compounds as well as public places for a better environment.
The law maker who also chairs Parliamentary Caucus on Climate change for both National Assembly and Senate, has also rolled out a sports program dubbed Youth for Sports to ensure young people do not engage in drugs and substance abuse.
The program is also involving youth in matters environment and climate change mitigation process.
She has recently distributed tree seedlings to various groups towards the same.
On matters infrastructure, Kathambi has continued to lobby from National government to have more roads tarmaked.
In addition, under her leadership, Njoro constituency has remained peaceful.
This, has been enabled through the various initiatives aimed at enhancing peace and cohesion.
“The continued journey to economic revival must anchored on transformative agendas that touch on common mwananchi,” she says.

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