Meet Nakuru Librarian who had a dream of becoming a journalist

Libraries are always silence premises where knowledge is impacted through the various education materials.

However, an interaction with Kenya National Library Service Nakuru Branch Manager Mrs. Purity Kavuri Mutuku reveals that the Libraries are no longer silence but they are active even on Sustainable Development Goals.

Born 40 years ago in a village in Embu County in a family of 10, Mrs.Mutuku says she had an interest in books as early as her first years at Kangaru Primary school with the first text book to interact with was one bought to by her mother.Her interest in books saw her win first award while in class five at the same school.

The Librarian says she wanted to be a journalist as she loved how journalists expressed themselves and she also believed that being a journalist would help her shape the society through passing message to various people in society.

However, her High school life saw this dream change even though she continued to be books lover throughout her schooling at Ikuu Girls’.

This is where her Library skills began as she was appointed Librarian.

She got a strong C mean grade that saw her join Kenya Polytechnic for her Diploma study in Library and information Science.

All this time she still had a dream of becoming a journalist however her sister advised her that even going for Library was also still part of Journalism and therefore she should just go for it.

This saw Mrs.Mutuku join Kenyatta University for her degree.

She narrates that her dad was really against the fact that she was going to study matters of library to an extent she was asked, “My daughter you mean you just decided to go study on how to arrange books?”However this did not deter her from pursuing her studies.

After completing her studies, her first posting as a Librarian was at Green Garden Primary school in 1999.

She later on in 2003 joined Kenya Science Teachers College and later in 2010 joined Technical University of Mombasa as Deputy.Her journey as a librarian in Nakuru’s KNLS began in 2014.

When we met up with her on her daily duties at the facility, she says she has accepted and loved her job as it has seen her travel to various countries in line of her duty.

Most interesting is that she has won various international awards among them an award on innovation in Africa which she won in 2016 while in Denmark.

Her story is motivational and has seen her dine with great people of the world and at the moment she is part of a mentorship program in South Africa, trail blazers program among others.

However, in every field there are challenges and Mrs.Mutuku admits that being a librarian has its challenges such as being looked down in Management matters.

The 40 year old Mrs.Mutuku is married to one Anthony Mutuku and she says as a family woman who fears God she has learnt the art of balancing between her office work and family life.

She looks forward to becoming a consultant in matters of education.Her advice to those who would like to join the field of Librarian is that, “This is a unique profession with many openings as long as you have passion”.

According to Mrs.Mutuku we all need Librarians especially when it comes to matters of education.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kenya National Library Service Nakuru Branch Manager Mrs. Purity Kavuri Mutuku during an interview in her office about the profession.