Mzee wa Mikwanju

Meet Mzee wa Mikwanju

Mzee Mikwanju, Nakuru
Stephen Njau Rwigi, also known as Mzee wa Mikwanju

Stephen Njau Rwigi, also known as Mzee wa Mikwanju is a familiar figure in Nakuru Town. Mzee wa Mkwanju says he has sold Mikwanjus (walking sticks) for over 40 years. Previously, he says he used to work in a butchery before venturing into mikwanju business.

The elderly man loves to talk and tell stories that most people say are a bit exaggerated. We won’t share here some of the tales he’s known to have told and also those that he shared with us. But did you know that his walking sticks are imported from Dubai? He sells them between Kshs. 3,000 to Kshs. 4,500. But at times, he’ll even sell the walking stick at Kshs. 18,000.

Mzee is not planning to change his trade any time soon. He loves what he does and the business pays him well. He even says he has built several apartments out of the proceeds. Merry Christmas Mzee wa Mkwanju.