Meet Ms Wacera- a teacher with passion for the adult education

Meet Ms Wacera Muchemi a teacher who has a passion for adult education.

Born and raised up in Nyeri, she says her passion is to transform society through adult education.

When this writer caught up with her during this year’s International Literacy Day in Nakuru West Sub-county, Ms Wacera is quick to point out that education has no limit and that one can study at any age.

She says hers is to understand the kind of students she interacts within the class and knows the needs of each and every student.

“Education has no limit, one can study at any given time and that is why we say even the adults can study,” she says.

Her joy is when she sees some of her adult education students come back to the adult education centres to give back to society.

It is for this reason that she appeals to the government to ensure more effort towards adult education in various counties in order to realize the Big 4 agenda.

Ms Wacera Muchemi- an adult education teacher in Nakuru says the Government and the society should embrace adult education as it will help transform the society.

She says adult education is no longer the famous gumbaru as it used to be known but rather it is a transformative education for the adults.

“Adult education is real and it is no longer the famous gumbaru. It is something that can change an individual as well as society hence the government should put more efforts on the same” said Ms Wacera.

According to Ms Wacera, under the adult education system, it is not a must for the students to go through the 8 years of Primary education.

She adds that since most of the students are parents who have other engagements the teachers have to adjust themselves to see that they fit in their programs during the lessons.

“The good thing with this adult education they don’t have to go for 8 years in Primary but it depends on the sharpness of the students whom we then admit in Secondary after KCPE.

The lessons too as teachers we have to adjust to fit in their schedule as most of the students are engaged” said Ms Wacera.

Her appeal is for the government through the Ministry of education to ensure that adult education centres are fully equipped with resources to help transform society through education.

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