Meet Mawi-the Nakuru man behind innovative three wheeled car

Joram Mawi (38 years) – resident of Lanet Nakuru County has surprised many by coming up with an innovative three wheeled car made by modifying the normal motorbike.

When we meet up with him at his Lanet Home, Mawi alumni of Ofafa Jericho High school in Nairobi’s Eastlands estate says his dream was to study Engineering.

However, his parents were against the move as they were for medicine that saw Mawi join Kenya Polytechnic to do Medical Lab after he completed his Form four with B grade.

But things could not work out for him owing to the Fact that Medici9ne was not his career of choice but a parents’ making.

Mawi dropped out of the School of medicine and ventured into charity work his first stop being at Huruma Children’s Centre where he volunteered.

According to him, it is here that he realized his purpose in life of helping humanity, youth groups as well as women groups in Ngong between February 2002 and February 2003.

“My parents wanted me to do medicine but as for me my dream was to do Engineering” he said.

In 2011 he moved to Nakuru where he started working on the innovative idea of coming up with a three wheeled vehicle from Motorbike.

He says the idea was motivated by the fact that there were so many accidents taking place in Kenya involving motorbikes and therefore a solution had to be sort.

Mawi’s first and second design of the three wheeled vehicle in 2016 and 2017 respectively did not work as per his expectation but this did not kill his dream.

In 2018, he came up with a third design that worked and he now calls it ‘Nduthi car’ meaning motorbike car.

Like any other field, Mawi says he has encountered a lot of challenges especially when assembling.

He narrates that at times getting spare parts is a problem since many sellers keep on asking him which type of a vehicle or make he has but then it becomes difficult to explain since it is a motorbike that has been modified.

“My first design was not good as it was too heavy..i made the second design but then it was not successful as the engine was overheating but this did not kill my dream, I proceeded on and came up with this design that has worked” he said.

The ‘Nduthi car’ as commonly referred to by the designer operates like a normal vehicle in terms of transmission with all the setup from clutch, Brakes to petrol pedals and gears.

Mawi’s dream is to see young people who have no opportunity to acquire formal education have the opportunity to acquire skills and become self reliant in life.

“This is not the end, we are looking on how we can help youths who had no opportunity like me to go to school because of one reason or another can now be able to acquire skills.

In the next few years I’m looking forward to getting a space where these young people can get simple training” he said.

Mawi whose dream was to study Engineering but due to some reasons he did not make it believes that one day he will still step in a class of engineering and develop his skills.

He is however grateful to the new technology and Internet which has played a key role in his innovative ideas.

His appeal to the government is to ensure that the youths have enough information on the various funds that have been disbursed.

“I might have not stepped in the engineering class as I had dreamt but I look forward to step in one and acquire skills to help other youths. I also call on the government to ensure that the youths benefit from the funds that have been disbursed” he said.

The ‘Nduthi car’ has costed him approximately close to Kshs.70, 000 and the innovative Mawi believes that anyone’s end product can still be another person’s raw product.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Mr.Joram Mawi at his home in Lanet.

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