Media regulators call for concerted effort towards clean content

There is need for collective responsibility in ensuring quality content consumption in society.
This is according to Kenya Film and Classification Board.
“The war on content that does not meet required standards is a collective responsibility.As a regulator we can’t do it in isolation and that is why we are partnering with stakeholders such as Media Council of Kenya to sensitize society” said KFCB CEO Dr.Ezekiel Mutua.
Dr.Ezekiel Mutua says they are working closely with Media Council of Kenya to also sensitize the society and moreso parents on the need to ensure clean content for their children.
Speaking during a fundraiser cum sensitization on film content at St.Patrick’s Catholic Church Ngata in Nakuru County,Mutua noted that the festive season and COVID-19 pandemic period is a time that parents should be keen on what their children consume from media.
“We are in festive season and COVID-19 duration and children are at risk when it comes to films watching.But as KFCB we are working with other stakeholders to ensure clean content for our children.We are also calling on content creators to ensure clean content.It doesn’t have to be obscene to sell” said Mutua.
Dr.Mutua also raising concern over teenage pregnancies in various parts of the country.
He attributed this to corrupt social media platforms.
The Films regulator calling on parents to ensure their children consume the right content and also use the social media rightly.
“As KFCB and stakeholders such as Media Council of Kenya we are working to sensitize our young people.But parents have a role to ensure their children use the social platforms in the right manner” he said.
While reiterating that not all content  creators are bad but a few, Mutua called for a collective responsibility to ensure a better society.
He also urged the The National Assembly through the Committees to ensure policies on the same.
KFCB at the same time refuting claims that it is only banning films that are not fit.
According to Mutua,KFCB  has continued to work  towards promoting talents.
Sentiments echoed by Uriri MP Mark Nyamita who is also a member ICT Committee in the National Assembly.
The Legislator noting that children are greatly influenced by what they see and hear in media.
“During this time as Political class we have a role through MCK to ensure the content aired in the media is correct” he said.
He called for need to ensure  should hate speech among politicinas  is tamed.
On his part Media Council of Kenya Chairman Mr.Maina Muiruri calling on journalists who are not accredited ensure they do so.
He says this is the only way that the regulator can step in whenever a journalists is facing threats in line of duty.
Muiruri revealing that the MCK is now opening offices in various counties to ease the same.
“The only way we can help journalists while in danger is when they are accredited .As a council we are now working to ease the process” he said.
The function  was also attended by MCK CEO David Omwoyo and Programs Manager Victor Bwire.

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