MCA’s want hiring of health workers hastened

As the country puts in all needed measures to  curb the spread of corona virus,members of the Nakuru county assembly want the process of hiring health workers hastened.

The ward representatives called on county public service board to move with utmost speed and ensure that enough health workers are hired and posted to health facilities without further delay

The MCA’s raised questions with the Nakuru county’s preparedness of fighting corona virus spread saying that many health facilities were ill equipped.

Elburgon ward MCA Daniel Njuguna said that apart from hiring health  workers,the county should be working on the process of procuring essential and vital equipment that might be needed should there be a COVID-19 outbreak in the county.

Njuguna, who also chairs the county assembly health committee cited items like ventilators and protective gear which he said were missing from majority of county health facilities.

At the same time the MCA’s called on the county executive to table a supplementary budget  to the assembly to allow members debate and allocate money needed in war against corona virus.

The assembly is expected to resume sittings on Wednesday   next week where they will be expected to pass a supplementary budget where the county executive is seeking to use Sh 250 million is setting up a humanitarian emergency fund to aid vulnerable members of the society affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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