MCA urges parents not to use excessive discipline on their children

Leaders in Kuresoi south Sub-county of Nakuru county have advised parents to shun using excessive discipline against their children saying they need to take time to advise them during the long festive season.
Led by Keringet ward MCA Leah Serem said parents needs to ensure their children are not involved or engaged in immoral activities during this festive season.
“With this festive season,parents should be careful to ensure their children are not involved in immoral practices to avert excessive discipline”she said.
The MCA made the remarks following two separate incidences where both parents attacked and killed a 13 year old daughter at Baraget village in Kuresoi south sub-county suspected was in company of other youths attending the traditional kalenjin circumcision ceremony until 10 pm where it is said met with her parents in the neighbours’ place where they were attending the ceremony.
Husband and wife who are parents of the deceased child are held in custody and will be arraigned in a Molo court tomorrow.
Morover the MCA condemned the act in which a a 55 year old male teacher is said to have defiled a deaf child at Keringet last week and urged the concerned authorities to take stern action against such motives.

Martin Gicinga

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