MCA questions the continued silence of MPs on COVID-19

MCA Irene Chebichi from Soin ward in Rongai sub county of Nakuru.PHOTO/Courtesy.

A Nakuru MCA has questioned the continued silence of the Members of Parliament and Senators during this moment of COVID-19.

MCA Irene Chebichi from Soin ward in Rongai sub county of Nakuru has revealed that the MCAs are going through difficult times at the grass root level over the corona while MPs and Senators have remained silent.

Speaking during a sitting of the County assembly of Nakuru on measures in combating the deadly Corona virus, the vocal MCA was categorical that leaders were elected to serve the electorates.

While noting that the MCAs were close to the people, MCA Chebichi said that does not mean that the MCAs carry the whole burden during these difficult economic times.

The MCA shocked the house when she revealed that electorates have began knocking at the MCAs’ doors begging food.

She says the little they have they share but the situation is tough and the other elected leaders including MPs and Senators should now come out and assist the people.

“Things are not right and easy for the MCAs who are now left to carry the whole burden. People are coming to our doors begging for food and as a simple MCA I cannot feed them for the whole time. Where are the other elected leaders the MPs, Senators?”

The MCA also calling on the County government of Nakuru to ensure that there is communication flow up to the grass root level.

According to her, the people a grass root still lack information and are relying on the rumors which may be harmful as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

She urged the county government of Nakuru to stop concentrating on urban towns but neglecting the rural areas.

“Our people still lack information on COVID-19 and they rely on rumors. As a county we need to think on how we can create awareness at grass root level. The water services still need to be addressed at grass root level.

She called for the need for the county government of Nakuru to seek support from the National government.


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