Mawanga residents in Nakuru a forgotten lot

Residents of Mawanga and Teachers estates in Nakuru are feeling like a forgotten lot, and with good reason.

The residents claim they have been denied two very basic needs and are now crying out to the authorities for the issues to be looked into.

“For a very long time, we have had to do with bad dusty roads. Despite making our pleas to the concerned leaders, nothing has been done so far,” says a resident.

A few days ago, two influential social media users, @Moseax and James Wakibia who have been affected by the bad roads made these tweets which attracted a lot of interest.

“Despite Mawanga,Teachers and Murunyu estates being very populous having been home to a majority of Nakuru working class, the roads are in pathetic state.Those who use these dusty roads cannot put on a white attire for fear it might get dirty before reaching their destinations. For years the roads in these areas have been neglected . Residents are not spared by chocking dust whenever its dry and when it rains it’s never better either since roads become muddy and impassable. Relevant authorities should see to it that these roads that serve so many Kenyans are tarmacked.

With Nakuru almost becoming a city ,its only better that proper roads are built to serve the bulging population and before we get an airport these roads should be tarmacked,priority first,” wrote James Wakibia

Alex Mose made this satirical tweet on the poor state of roads in Mawanga.

In addition to the bad roads, the residents are now raising concerns about dry taps. Some have resorted to buying water which is being rationed for some days and are wondering why they have to be affected.

“Some of us are buying water from water peddlers with bicycles and donkey carts. Sometimes you’re not even sure how safe that water is for drinking since you don’t know the source,” complains a resident.

Dry taps in Mawanga
Dry taps in Mawanga

Julius Koech who is a resident in the area has always been in the forefront tweeting about current issues affecting residents. From power outages, bad roads and now the dry taps.

“Mawanga, Teachers and environs in #Nakuru going without #water today on the scheduled day. Residents hustling for water and Donkeys having a bad day as their owners are having a great day. Cc @NakuruWater any good reason why?” wonders Koech posing a question to Nakuru Water and Sewerage Services Company, NAWASCO which is the body mandated with providing water in Nakuru.


Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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