Manyani residents to be elated by first tarmac road

Residents of Manyani estate in Kivumbini Ward of Nakuru East Sub county will be elated upon completion of the first ever tarmac road in the area.

Kalewa Road all the way from Bondeni Police station through Manyani estate to connect with Landhies Road at Kisulisuli junction is undergoing facelift courtesy of national government’s Kenya Urban Roads Authority(KURA).

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria and Kivumbini Ward MCA Neto Sakwa at a past function.PHOTO/courtesy.

The project was lobbied by area MP David Gikaria (Nakuru Town East) who together with Kivumbini Ward MCA Neto Sakwa have been pushing to have the project commence.

Already the contractor is on site and a section of the road near affordable housing project has been tarmacked.

The leaders (Gikaria and Sakwa) have lauded the project terming it a great milestone set to open up Manyani area.

With the project, then it means nightmares of using the once dusty road will be a thing of past.

The road will also come with the golden opportunities, smooth rides with no jerky stops and other massive successes.

With the establishment of the road, the area will achieve economic growth as business premises will spawn.

Majority of youth in Manyani are operating motorbike Bodabodas and this means they will have have an easy time while using the new road and will no longer incur losses due to damaged tyres and other parts of their motorbikes.

In addition, the land within the area will appreciate in value due to the presence of the road hence enable residents who wish to sell their land to make handsome profits.

Plans are also on through Kenya Rural Roads Authority(KERRA) to have Mumias Road through Makuti connecting to Kalewa Road at TM junction tarmacked.

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