Man nursing serious injuries sustained from police brutality

A middle aged man is nursing serious injuries at his home in Maili Sita trading center in Bahati Sub County after he received corporal punishment from Administration police officers on Sunday evening when rushing home.

Ibrahim Ndung’u a father of two is spending his time on bed rest after the tough war that has now put his family at the risk of succumbing from hunger since he was the sole provider.

“I was rushing home to comply with the curfew directive only to land in the hands of the brutal officers” said Ndung’u.

His wife Esther Ndung’u is now calling upon the government and gives justice to their family.

“We a just calling on government to step in and ensure we get justice as a family”she said.

The incident has been strongly condemned by bitter Bahati Mp Kimani Ngujiri.

The Legislator calling on police officers to stop the trending brutality that has in the recent tarnished their name.

“The police are human beings and should not allow humanity to come out of them and start brutalizing public” said Ngunjiri.

This coming barely days after Molo MP Francis Kuria Kimani also condemned the increasing cases of police brutality saying that police should stop taking advantage of the situation.