Luhya-Luo rivalry in Nakuru over minority leadership

ODM members from the Luhya Community in Nakuru have called for the party’s intervention in the tussle over minority leadership at the county assembly.
In a statement to the press read by Rev.Maurice Shisoka Shiundu, members from the community aired their grievances on how they have been sidelined by the party.
They cited the recent minority leadership elections in the county assembly of Nakuru where MCA Peter Palang’a of Olkaria was elected with three votes as leader of minority against MCA Wilbur Onyango of Kivumbini 2 votes but the party through a letter nullified the elections.
The angered members called on ODM party leader to intervene into the matter as soon as possible and ensure that Hon.Peter Palang’a is the leader of minority in the Nakuru county assembly as per the elections conducted on 20th of September 2017.
They also called on Hon.Musalia Mudavadi who is the undisputed Luhya spokesperson to look ensure Hon.Raila Odinga steps in and intervenes in the matter.
“we are calling on party leader Raila Odinga to intervene in the matter and give way forward urgently. Following the misdeeds we the Luhya in Nakuru County might reconsider our support to Hon.Raila as Nasa flag bearer in the coming repeat of presidential elections” they said.
Sentiment echoed by George Watani- a senior member of ODM party who said the Luhya communities in Nakuru feel sidelined in matters of leadership as far as ODM is concerned.
He stated that the community members of ODM might decide to take a political decision and vote for political wing that will care of their interests.
“We as Luhya community we are aggrieved and if ODM does not want us let them tell us. we can make a decision come October 26th”said Watani.
On her part Niver Oluchiri who is the secretary Luhya forum Nakuru county stated that the Luhya community in Nakuru cannot be subject to other tribes all the time in matters of politics.
She called on members affiliates of Nasa coalition and more so ODM party to respect Luhya community in Nakuru as far as minority leadership in the assembly is concerned as Nasa was a brain child idea of Luhya son Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi.
“I want to categorically state here that we as Luhya community in Nakuru county cannot be subject to other tribes all the time.Luhyas have always voted in Hon.Raila Odinga but why is it that when it comes to a Luhya being given a simple seat of minority then it becomes an issue” she questioned.
Similar sentiments were echoed by Dr.Francis Osimba Malichi who contested the Kaptembwa ward seat on ODM ticket but lost one peter Kajwang.
The minority members of the Nakuru county assembly at the moment include MCA Peter Palang’a (Olkaria ward), MCA Wilbur Onyango (Kivumbini), MCA Peter Kajwang’ (Kaptembwa), MCA Alice Kering (ODM nominated) and MCA Leah sang (ODM nominated).
PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Members of the Luhya Community in Nakuru during a press conference on Wednesday.

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