Locals raise alarm over poor drainage

Residents of Kiti estate in Nakuru have called on the County government to construct proper drainage system on feeder roads in the area ahead of the onset of rains to avert destruction brought about by rain water.

According to them, the usual floods that are often experienced in the area during the rainy season would sweep away their businesses adjacent to the road if no action is taken to improve the drainage system on the road network.

Milkah Nyawera a trader, noted that in the past few years they have been forced to relocate due to rain water sweeping away their premise saying that they have recorded losses in the process.

Currently with all the culverts at the Kiti-High-view road blocked, Nyawera urged the county to move with speed and unblock all the culverts in the area to allow free flow of rain water.

Another resident Dianah Nyambura said that if no action is taken, the residents will be be unable to go about their duties adding that rain water renders the road impassable.

According to her, the area has been most affected by rain water flowing from the Menegai hills which flows with sand that all ends up in Kiti blocking the drainage system adding that it has been unfortunate that the county comes into action after the damage.

Former Bahati Counselor Sammy Ndichu called on the national and county government to intervene adding that action has to be taken before the onset of rains in late February.

“The national and county government has to intervene before the onset of rains in late February” said Mr.Ndichu.

This comes even as the county continues with the second phase of rehabilitating dilapidated feeder roads in all 55 wards of Nakuru County which commenced on September last year.

Access to sanitation, drainage and sewerage services to people living in the outskirts of the Towns CBD remain a major challenge with poorly coordinated solid waste disposal mechanisms.

Every time it rains it is given that raw sewage pipes will burst and their content will leak and flow, sometimes even from the center of the town, however.

This situation is even worse in estates where low income earners live such as Rhonda, Ponda Mali and Kaptembwo.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A resident of Kiti estate in Nakuru Sammy ndichu show one of the blocked culverts along one of the feeder road, residents are calling on the County government of Nakuru to construct proper drainage system.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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