Locals fault contractor for endangering lives

    A photo showing one of the drainage tunnels that are now disaster to the locals in Manyani,Kivumbini Ward in Nakuru.PHPTO/Courtesy.

Residents of  Manyani in Kivumbini Ward have faulted a contractor working on  system onWorldbank drainage project in the area for abandoning work exposing locals to several dangers.

According to the residents,the over 6 fits uncovered  drainage tunnels are now a disaster.

Speaking after a child  was rescued from drowning in one of the drainage tunnels,the residents led by Neto Sakwa said  this  is now the second case a child is being rescued from drowning in the tunnels.

He added that the contractor has also left  heap of unfinished work making it difficult even for motorists to operate.

Sakwa also stating that they have appealed to the contractor to come and clear the mess lest more disaster befall the locals.

“We have talked to the contractor over this issue and we hope they will come soon” he said.

On his part Charles Okumu called on parents to be careful.

According to Okumu,parents should ensure that their children are safe their houses.

“As the contractor is sought to rectify the mess,parents should also ensure that their children are safe in the houses and not loitering” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Chris Musu.

Musu calling on elected leaders to ensure that the contractor comes.to the site and clears the mess so that no more life is endangered.

Attempts to reach out to the said contractor over the same were fruitless with a some sources indicating that a word had reached and he would be coming to the site by Tuesday.


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