Lobby’s letter reveals rot in Governor Kinyanjui’s departments

A Nakuru based lobby group has written an open letter to Governor Lee Kinyanjui demanding that he put things right in various departments.

The letter from Friends of Devolution comes barely a day after Kinyanjui made reshuffle in his cabinet.

FOD Chairman Ben Macharia states “Kinyanjui’s trusted lieutenants are controlling departments to the detriment of technical staffs assigned duties”.

The Lobby group however commending the Governor for at least trying to salvage service delivery in Nakuru County which to some extent is at its lowest by reshuffling some of non-performing Staff.

Macharia is however quick to note that there is a need for change across all departments.

“We needed changes in all the departments since we have seen individuals taking over departments and driving them as individual properties,” he said.

The FOD points out that there are cases of a number of CECMs and COs abusing lower cadre staffs and denying them facilitation to smoothly execute their mandates.

In addition, FOD reveals that across departments staffs are using personal vehicles as departmental cars are assigned to certain so-called powerful cartels at the expense of sub-counties staffs allocated official duties.

“As we speak there are still CECs and COs calling themselves Super that or that. A point in example departments is suffering from cash crunch as so-called enemy departments are not allocated cash for operations. Bwana Gavana do a background check and you will see that you need to reshuffle majority of your staffs” said Macharia.

FOD further argues that rolling out of projects in the 55 wards must be implemented equally with no favouritism.

Macharia claims that one contractor in Nakuru County is doing over 70% of contracts in all ten departments.

For this reason, FOD is calling on Governor Kinyanjui to move with speed and correct that which he can.

“Correct that which you can but we as Wananchi continue to watch as gains made are clawed back due to inefficiency. We expect more in restructuring and also appoint CECs to fill vacant departments” said Macharia.

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