Lobby groups call for concerted effort in ensuring household solid waste management

Environment conservation lobby groups have called for concerted effort towards realization of household solid waste management.

Household Solid waste in a drainage system in Flamingo,Nakuru East.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Speaking in Flamingo Ward,Nakuru on Saturday during a cleanup exercise, the groups noted that most of the solid waste blocking drainage and finally making their way to Lake Nakuru is of household waste.

Elphas Masanga from Slow Food Kenya says there is a need for awareness creation among communities on matters of household solid waste management.

He notes that the issue of climate change is brought about by the activities and way of life of human beings hence the need to have behavior change on matters of solid waste management.

Masanga calling on county government and the national governments to ensure they incorporate solid waste management component at the Nyumba Kumi clusters so that the

“We need to have concerted efforts in creating awareness on solid waste so that we can have a better environment. We are also appealing to the counties and national government to have a way of managing solid waste at Nyumba kumi cluster level” said Masanga.

Masanga also used the opportunity to advocate for the recycling of solid waste.

He says  this will also help in managing some of the household solid waste in various estates in society.

“Not all solid waste is bad, some can be recycled into manure for farming and in doing so we shall have contributed towards making the environment better” said Masanga.

Youths Mary Mbogo and Job Ondeko from Stand out Shout out and Rotaract Club of Menengai respectively challenge youths to be in the frontline in advocating for a better environment.

The duo noted that the environment is a key area in society but has been neglected for many years hence need for address.

“As youths we should not just sit and wait for something to happen, we need to take part “they said.

Nakuru County Environment officer Samuel Kimani on his part sounded stern warning to members of the public disposing of solid waste in undesignated points.

According to Kimani such individuals if found will face the full wrath of the law so that they can serve as an example to others who may have tendencies.

The officer also challenged youths to make money through waste management such as recycling and composting adding that the county government is ready to support such initiatives.

“It is in the constitution that everyone has a right to a clean environment, but we also have a responsibility to do the same. As a county we shall not tolerate people dumping waste at an undesignated point” said Kimani.

Lake Nakuru National Park Senior Warden, Collins Ochieng’ on his part reiterating the need for the community to be sensitized on matters of solid waste to avert waste making their way to the Lake.

The Senior Warden notes that poor solid waste management and the human activities have led to siltation in the Lake and even the rising of the water levels.

“We have had issues in the Lake due to solid waste making their way there leading to siltation. My appeal to residents let’s ensure proper solid waste management to save our environment” said Ochieng’.

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