Livestock markets closure likely to cause meat shortage,say traders

Beef traders in Nakuru town have expressed fears of a pending shortage of the product following the closure of livestock markets in the Rift valley region.

The traders said that closing livestock markets will not only lead to shortage of meat products but will also render hundreds of people jobless.

Speaking in Nakuru town, the traders noted that hundreds of meat suppliers, butcher owners and employees,slaughter house workers  as well as nyama choma joint employees will  are likely to be the biggest causalities of the ban on livestock markets.

Led by Anthony Mathenge, they said that the closure of markets will lead to a hike in prices of livestock ,something they say will cause an increase in price of meat products which are likely to be scarce in any case.

They called on Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya to reconsider the decision and instead call for controlled trading in livestock markets.

Early this week Natembeya ordered the closure of all livestock markets within the Rift Valley as a precautionary measure against the possible spread of Corona Virus.

He said that the ban will remain inforce for the next  thirty days after which a review will be done based on the risk.


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