Lions club of Menengai, Nakuru moves to restore hope for rural girls, widows

The Lions club of Menengai, Nakuru has continued to reach out to vulnerable families among them widows as well as teenage girls through food and nonfood items donations in Nakuru and Baringo counties.

The Club on Tuesday was at Kiungururia Primary School in Eburu-Mbaruk ward on a similar mission where the members donated food and non-food items to over 30 vulnerable families as well as sanitary pads to 85 needy girls.

Ms Martha Muthoni-one of the elderly who received food hampers from Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru stated that their lives have not been the same as the majority are widows.

She however says that with such gestures from well-wishers they feel loved and their hope restored.

“Most of us are widows and when we are visited like this we feel loved and our hope in life re-kindled” said Ms Muthoni.

Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani(in yellow jacket) with teenagers at Mbaruk during the donations.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Speaking after the exercise, Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani stated the vulnerability of families as well as teenage girls in rural areas of Nakuru and Baringo counties.

She noted that with the COVID-19 pandemic and schools closed most families are going through harsh economic times.

The situation has also affected girl child who a times cannot meet the basics such as sanitary pads and this has led many to engage in early sex for exchange of money to meet such.

However, the Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President says through the charity program they have been able to reach out to many vulnerable girls and even empower them through talks on how to keep themselves safe from teenage pregnancies.

“Most families are vulnerable and the situation of COVID-19 has worsened. We also have girls who cannot afford basic needs such as pads which is contributing to teenage pregnancies and that is why as Lions Club Menengai we stepped in” said Ms Rani.

The Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru has also continued to reach out to teenagers (Boys and Girls) through the counseling sessions on matters of life.

Pastor Josphine Kiarie from Hope For Life Kenya who has been working with orphans and vulnerable groups in society,on her part commending Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru.

She reiterated that the girl child is once again becoming vulnerable during this COVID-19 pandemic as families are hit with the harsh economy.

She called on parents not to give up due to the COVID-19 pandemic but continue to talk to their children and ensure they are nurtured in the right way.

“We commend Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru for the gesture. This is giving hope to these girls and they feel their dignity is restored. As parents we have a role to play to ensure the children are nurtured” she said.

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