Hope for mothers with physically challenged children as Lions Club of Menengai steps in


Children living with physical disorders have been facing numerous challenges in society during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has been revealed after Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru embarked on charity work to reach out to various groups of disabled children in society.

The Club on Wednesday visited Nakuru’s Pangani Special School where they donated food and non-food items to the special unit children and vowed continued support.

Led by the Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani, the organization noted that such children if not taken care of with love can go into depression.

And speaking on Friday at Free Area Chief’s Office after making donation of food hampers as well as no food items to parents who have physically challenged children, Rani said the society should join efforts in taking care of the same.

The Club has been able to reach out to 60 children with physical disorders in Nakuru and Rani has promised to ensure they reach out to more.

“I noticed that during this COVID-19 pandemic, the disabled have been neglected and that is why as Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru we stepped in so that they can feel somebody is there for them” she said.

Some of the parents who spoke to this writer at Free area in Nakuru East stating that they have gone through harsh economic times.

The visit by Lions Club of Menengai however, is like oases in the desert as they feel hope and encouraged.

“We have had many challenges during this COVID-19 period but with organizations such as Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru coming we feel loved through the support to these children” said one of the parent.

Nakuru East Leader for Persons Living With Disability Mr.George Otieno revealing that many mothers with physically challenged children are struggling on their own after their husbands deserted them.

Otieno   says if such mothers can be supported then they will come out as many are living in fear due to stigma.

He called on society to embrace such children as they are also abled differently.

“There are many mothers with children who are physically challenged. We need to reach to them and show them love plus support” said Otieno.

Lions Club of Menengai Nakuru donated food hampers and blankets to the mothers at Free Area Chief’s office.





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