Let there be water!, Residents of Kaptarakwa in Subukia now a happy lot

Residents of Kaptarakwa village in Waseges Ward of Subukia sub county have a reason to smile after their long wait for water services came to an end.

This follows a partnership between National Youth Service and office of the area MP Samuel Gachobe to have water bohoreholes drilled in the area.

This project will benefit more than 2000 households.

The community donated 20 acres to NYS Director General Mr. James Kipsiele Tembol with agreement that they will develop this areas in return and foremost provisions of clean water.

Clean water was only but a dream to the locals.

Anne Maiyo- a resident says the partnership has ended their plight in search of water.

She reveals that they used to rely on Subukia river which a times is contaminated with chemicals from the farming activities around the river.

“We are very grateful for this project as we will no longer suffer. Our animals will also have clean water,” she said.

Sentiments echoed by Priscila Rono who states that the area was one of those forgotten.

She adds that they made loss as animals died due to drought with women having to trek over 2km in search of the commodity.

“As women, we used to go over 2km to get water but now those will be of past,” she said.

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