LET THERE BE LIGHT! , County Government embarks on lighting of streets enhancing security

Commuters in Nakuru town can now be assured of their safety as the Nakuru County Government, under the leadership of Governor Susan Kihika,has taken decisive action to prioritize public safety through the lighting of street lights from Gatehouse to KFA Roundabout.

The initiative,done by the department of infrastructure forms part of a larger project aimed at illuminating a 16-kilometer stretch from Njoro Overpass to Barnabas Shopping Center,ensuring a secure and conducive environment for residents.

Motorists traversing this route can now experience enhanced visibility, ensuring safer journeys during both day and night as the visibility provided by the street lights promises to mitigate potential hazards and enhance overall road safety.

The implementation of street lights along this vital corridor underscores Governor Kihika’s dedication to fulfilling her promises of ensuring public safety to the residents of Nakuru County.

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