Legacy hotel develops mechanism to maintain staff’ welfare amidst COVID-19

A view of Legacy Hotel.PHOTO/Courtesy

The Legacy Hotel in Nakuru has developed mechanism to ensure the welfare of staff amidst the harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.

This even as the hospitality industry in the country continues to gas the harsh times with businesses going low following government measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19.

Through an interview,the Legacy Hotel Manager Boniface Oduor says the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything.

Oduor who joined Legacy Hotel early 2019 says at normal business making sh 6 million per month is not a big deal.

He is however quick to note that with the COVID-19 Pandemic,this remains only a dream.

However,even with the harsh economic times,The Legacy Hotel Management has continued to ensure welfare of the staff is maintained.

Though due to COVID-19 pandemic Oduor says the staff has been scaled down from 42 to 14.

He is however quick to state that staff sent home are always considered in terms of welfare.

One member of the management team has been doing farming and bringing the maize to the hotel so that each and every staff including those set home can get something.

Besides the maize,the staff are also given little allowance to make them cope with the harsh economic times.

“As management,though wa scaled down our staff from 43 to 14 we still value each and everyone since we believe after COVID-19 we shall still need them and that is why we are giving them maize and some allowance to help them cope with the situation”said the Manager.

According to management,the staff are also free to make calls to the hotel whenever they are through hard times.


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