Legacy Hotel boosts county efforts on healthcare workers’ welfare

Nakuru’s Legacy Hotel has supplemented the county government’s  efforts in appreciating the healthcare workers at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital  COVID-19 isolation centre by providing breakfast.

The county government has been providing the healthcare workers with breakfast,lunch and supper for those on duty as they cannot move out of the facility anyhow.

But now Legacy Hotel has stepped in to boost the efforts.

Accordingto the hotel’s operations manager Kevin Thananga,healthcare workers are doing great work and should be appreciated.

“The gesture is meant to make healthcare workers feel appreciated by the members  of the public” he said.

On his part Nakuru’s level 5 Deputy Chief Nurse Benjamin Mwaura commended the hotel for the gesture.

According to Mwaura, healthcare workers do alot of work that a times is stressful but with such gestures then it keeps them going.

“When public and corporates do such it shows that they have confidence and appreciate the work we do and that keeps us going” he said.

He called on other corporates and individuals to emulate the same.

The medical officer also commending the county government for ensuring quality equipment for healthcare workers at the isolation centre.


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