Leaders tell off Governor Kinyanjui for running county affairs as one man show activity

A section of elected leaders in Nakuru have hit out at Governor Lee Kinyanjui urging him to respect all leaders.


Speaking on Monday at Lanet during a ground breaking ceremony for Nakuru Airport,the leaders led by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika claimed Kinyanjui was running the county through a one man show.


Kihika noted that many leaders including herself were not invited for the ceremony yet they were elected by Nakuru residents.


The Senator also wondering why the event was made secret yet it was for the interest of the public.


“Governor Lee should respect all elected leaders and should know that this county is not a one man show” said Kihika.


The function was made secret with only afew Journalists being invited to cover.


Were it not for Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri who posted on his Facebook account,members of the public would not have known about the event.


Senator Kihika has mantained that members of the public should be respected as well as elected leaders.


Nakuru Woman Rep Liza Chelule also stating that it was wrong for elected leaders not to be recognized.


“We are elected leaders and we should be recognized as leaders” she said.


Sentiments echoed by host MP Kimani Ngunjiri.


The MP stating that leaders are known by the respect they ha e for their electorates and fellow leaders.


It should be noted that the Nakuru Airport project is a national Goverment initiated.

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