Land tussle causing Nakuru Workers Co-operative Society members sleepless nights

Members of the Nakuru Workers Housing Co-operative Society Limited are now living in fear over continued deaths of their directors in what they say is in connection to a 63-acres piece of land that is under conflict.Already 6 officials have lost their lives in pursuit on land title deed for the piece of land.

According to the members of the Society, the land situated Nakuru Workers in Gilgil Sub County has had issues with title since 1990 when they purchased it from one Mr.David Thuo.

The say way back in 1990 they purchased the piece of land at a cost of 2.6 million and cleared with the owner on June 8th 1990. However, they have been in conflict with the owner of the land over transfer issues with the owner claiming that the mother title got lost.

He has even gone ahead to swear and affidavit over the matter.According to a letter seen by this writer dated 27the November 2018 form Lands Department in Nakuru addressed to the Chief Registrar also indicates that indeed the society was to benefit from the ongoing titling program.

However, due to the conflict surrounding the parcel of land the Lands department called on the Chief Registrar to step in and assist with the transfer of the land to more than 400 member- societies.

“We are meant to understand that the society was to be a beneficiary of the ongoing titling program in Nakuru to be officiated by President but due to the conflict facing the parcel of land, we call for your assistance in transferring the land to the 422 members of the society” read part of the letter that was copied to the Director Surveyors Kenya.

In another letter dated 23rd June 2019, the society had requested the office of the area MP Martha Wangari to help in the matter.

Another letter seen by this writer dated 28th June 2019 that was written by the Sub county Cooperative officer Mr.Muchemi A.G to area MP also explains the conflict surrounding the parcel of land L.R 6282/21.

The letter that is notifying the area MP of the matter goes further to explain that Mr.Thuo had declined to surrender the mother title despite the society having cleared with him 30 years ago.

The Nakuru County CEC for lands  is also aware of the matter through a letter seen by this writer dated 3rd June 2019 requesting the CEC to intervene into the matter.

Addressing media on Saturday in the area during a meeting over the matter, the members led by Chairman Mr.Peter Ng’ang’a Karanja said they have continued to lose their leadership in what they suspect is in connection to the matter.

They are now living in fear and their appeal is to the government through relevant offices to ensure they get their title for the parcel of land which according to the documents in their possession, they are the right owners.

“We are now living in fear because we do not know who will die next. It is for this reason that we are calling on the government to ensure that we get title deed from one Mr.Thuo”said Karanja.

The members have donated part of the land towards public utilities such as school, hospital and polytechnicque.Ms Immaculate Wangui Mwangi who is a widow and a member of the Nakuru Workers Housing Co-operative Society Limited says life has not been easy.

She adds that she has been unable to do any activity on her plot since the parcel of land has no title.

“I t has not been easy and I cry to the government as a widow that they assist us to get the title for this land” said Ms Immaculate.

PHOTO/Citizen Tv:A sample of land title deed.

Pristone Mambili

A freelance Journalist with experience in Radio and online news writing.