County at crossroad as developer claims back his land at Kwa Jack stage

Conflict is looming between County government of Nakuru and private developer over the ownership of the parcel of Land adjacent to Nakuru County Mortuary.
The county government had turned the parcel of Land into a temporary Matatu terminus commonly known as ‘Kwa Jack’.
This according to Governor Lee Kinyanjui was aimed at decongesting Nakuru’s Central Business amidst COVID-19.
However, Lawrence Maina Mwangi who claims the ownership of the land since 1996 says they were in agreement with the county to allow Matatus at Kwa Jack until July 30.
From there, he says the county was to relocate the matatus and compensate him for any damages caused to his land.
He, however, notes that the county has failed to adhere to the agreement with claims that the county government plans to forcefully take over the parcel of Land.
Addressing media at the terminus on Monday morning, Mwangi said the county has until November 1 to relocate the matatus from his parcel of Land.
“I have been the owner of this land since the 1990s and we just agreed to have the matatus here temporary but the county has failed to adhere to what we agreed and that’s why we are saying as from November no Matatu will be allowed here,” said Mwangi.
Similar sentiments echoed by Human Rights activists in Nakuru.
Led by Simon Ole Nasieku, they say the leadership of Governor Lee Kinyanjui has continued to harass common residents.
Nasieku also hitting out at security team in Nakuru.
He claims they are collaborating with the county government to intimidate locals.
The Human rights defenders now want President Uhuru Kenyatta through Interior CS Dr Fred Matiang’i to come to the defence of the locals in Nakuru.
“We are worried how the county government in collaboration with security team have continued to harass locals here. We call on President to come and save Nakuru locals” said Nasieku.
Nasieku also calling on Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika to stand up and ensure the people of Nakuru are not harassed by the current administration.

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