Kuresoi youths issue threats over Itare dam jobs

Young people in Kuresoi are not happy with the contractor at Itare dam and have threatened to sabotage the progress of the dam.

The young people say they are not happy with the way recruitment for the jobs is being carried. “

None of the locals has gotten a job there. We should get at least 30% of the jobs as the local youth,” said an angry young man.

The youths claim that job interviews are being carried out in Nakuru town where the contractor has an office.

“Job interviews for prospective employees at Itare should be carried out at Kuresoi and not Nakuru town as is now the case. We have many qualified young people here but they can’t afford to travel to Nakuru for the interviews. This is unfair to the local community,” said another aggrieved youth.

The Kuresoi youth want jobs as plant and machine operators, drivers and artisans of which they say they are well qualified. The construction of Itare dam is expected to solve water problems for thousands of Nakuru County residents and improve the Molo-Sitoito road

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