Kinyanjui calls on clerics to take lead in the fight against COVID-19

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui with members of the Nakuru Muslims Association at the County headquarters.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has called on religious leaders to join hands in the fight against spread of COVID-19.

Speaking on Monday after holding a closed door meeting with the Muslim leaders in Nakuru,Kinyanjui said the clerics have a role in shaping the  morals in society.
Kinyanjui whose administration also donated  relief  food to the Muslim faithfuls in Nakuru noted that  the religious leaders are key in identifying the needy households.
 “We had a meetimg with Muslim leaders and as religious leaders we have a role to ensure the govt guidelines on COVID-19 are adhered to.Muslim faithfuls will be good agents to capture the most needy in mosques” said Kinyanjui.
24 Mosques in Nakuru  county will benefit from the county food donations.
The donations include maize flour,rice,cooking oil and rice as well as bar soaps.
Nakuru Muslim Association chair Faizzer Nasher commending the Nakuru county government for the gesture.
He noted that the COVID-19 issue has affected livelihoods hence such donations are key.
“The relief food will assist us alot during this time of Ramadhan” he said.
The county Government of Nakuru  is also planning to reach out to the disabled.
Governor Kinyanjui reiterating that his administration will do all it can to ensure that all needy households are reached through the Ward COVID-19 committees.
He however called on locals to adhere to the guidelines put in place.
“As government  we are doing what we can and we call on residents to also play their part.We also appeal to parents to ensure their children do not loiter around” said Kinyanjui.

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