Kinyanjui: A104 corridor posing risk to Nakuru residents

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has called on the National government to step in and support the county on ensuring that the position of Nakuru on A104 corridor highway does not pose a risk to residents during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing media at the Nakuru Level 5 facility on Tuesday, Kinyanjui said the Highway can be a major risk to the residents in terms of spread of COVID-19.

He said the truck drivers using the Highway should continue undergoing the serious screening and testing  so that they can not be agents of spreading the COVID-19.

“We Know the position of Nakuru on the Highway or what we call A104 corridor can be a threat to residents during this moment of COVID-19 and that is why we call on national Government to step and ensure this is addressed during this COVID-19 pandemic” he said.

The County boss also revealing that the county is on the tail end of recruitment of healthcare workers to help in the fight against COVID-19.

According to Kinyanjui, the county has purchased Protective gears for healthcare workers and that the stock can last up to August, 2020.

He is however to note that his administration plans to extend the stock up to October since the experts say at the peak of the spread of COVID-19 the numbers will go high in September.

This even as the county  programs have been affected  in what  Kinybnajui says is the diversion towards the fight of COVID-19 pandemic.

The governor was accompanied by his deputy Dr.Erick Korir,Nakuru County CEC for health Dr.Gichuki Kariuki among others.

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