Kindiki: There’s need for concerted effort towards road safety

The government has called for concerted efforts towards road safety in the country.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki says though measures have been put in place, there is need for collective responsibility.

He termed Traffic accidents a National catastrophe that must be dealt with as a priority through strict enforcement of traffic laws as outlined in Section 69 of the Traffic Act.

The CS revealed that next week, the Ministries of Interior and National Administration and Transport and Infrastructure will unveil Nationwide Enforcement measures that will be comprehensively implemented to get rid of unroadworthy vehicles and apprehend rogue drivers and riders.

This even as statistics indicate that 4,650 fatalities were reported in 2022 and 3,900 in 2023.

Between January and February 2024, a total of 1,926 road crashes have been reported across the Country resulting in 763 deaths.

According to Kindiki, the Kenya Police Traffic Department, in collaboration with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has been carrying out planned and impromptu operations targeting vehicles that are violating the Highway Code.

“These operations have led to the arrest and prosecution of 22,958 drivers and realisation of Ksh.300 Million in Court fines and forfeiture in the periods of 1st January to 29th February, 2024,” he said.

He termed Drunk driving as a major cause for road traffic crashes.

1,086 drivers have been arrested and prosecuted from 1st January to 29th February, 2024.

In the same period, motorcycle related accidents led to 255 deaths.

5,590 motorcyclists have been apprehended and prosecuted and 6,692 motorcycles detained.

In addition, Traffic Police officers are directed to ruthlessly crackdown on personal vehicles operating as Public Service Vehicles without the requisite licensing and regulatory frameworks.

A recent nationwide operation led to the arrest and prosecution of more than 500 drivers.

Retesting of drivers, use of the digital media to conduct road safety awareness programs, correction of identified road design defects, provision of signage, foot bridges, speed cameras and rubble strips, modern speed cameras and breathalysers to aid in prosecution of speeding and drunk drivers are among a raft of policy and operational measures that will improve road traffic management.

Meanwhile, corruption on the roads and other spheres of the society is no longer a social, moral and legal issue but a National security threat.

The CS pointed out that Traffic Police officers demanding and collecting bribes from motorists and riders will be punished severely.

Similarly, motorists and riders who offer bribes to escape justice for flouting Traffic laws will also be prosecuted.

The CS was speaking on March 21, 2024 when he appeared before Departmental Committee on Transport and Infrastructure regarding enforcement of Traffic laws to enhance road safety.

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