Kihika’s ‘Imarisha Barabara’ Program taking shape at grassroot

When Governor Susan Kihika took over the leadership mantle of the County Government of Nakuru in 2022, she vowed to ensure improved infrastructure.

Kihika noted that for economic growth, there is need for better roads that even farmers can be able to ferry their farm produce to markets with ease.

It is for this reason that she commenced a program dubbed ‘Imarisha Barabara’.

This is a Program that has been instrumental in transforming accessibility within the county, with notable improvements in both new access roads and upgrades to existing ones.

One year down the line, there are notable achievements including the grading of various access roads in different wards, such as Wei lower area and Kagoshi in Waseges ward, ongoing 4.2Km heavy grading in Ndeffo area of Kihingo ward, and the upgrading of roads like 1.2Km Sachangwan road, 1Km Ambusket Secondary School road in Amalo ward,1.3Km Kaptarakwa-Wamaitha road in Waseges ward and grading of 2.5Km various feeder roads in Pwani area in Lare ward.

Additionally, efforts like the dozing of Njeru kwa Shati road in Elementaita and the expansion of 1.7km Gathengera access roads in Malewa West ward,2.5Km AIC-Petro-Tembur-Mzungu-Koech-Tarmac Road section in Solai Ward and grading and gravelling of DN Handa-D.E.B-Naivasha Boarding-Council estate access roads in Viwandani ward have further enhanced accessibility.

According to Kihika, such improvements not only enhance quality and safety but also offer significant economic benefits by reducing transportation costs, providing access to new economic development areas, and creating investment opportunities for residents.

“We remain committed to this program that will open up rural areas,” she said.

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