Kihika’s ECDE Feeding Program pilot phase kicks off in Njoro Sub county

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika’s administration has rolled out ECDE Feeding Program.

Dubbed ‘Lishe na Mama’s Uji Program pilot phase has commenced in Njoro Sub county.

Under the Program, learners in all ECDE centres are served with nutritious porridge.

The pilot program is being spearheaded by CECM for Education Zipporah Wambui with county officials assessing progress in various Wards of Njoro Sub county.

If the pilot program succeeds, then the county government shall roll out to all the sub-counties.

According to Governor Susan Kihika, the program is meant to ensure all ECDE learners are in school, address malnutrition among children as well as relieve parents of meal provision burden.

During her campaigns, Kihika vowed to give priority to matters ECDE learners and education.



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