Kihika widows declare support for Susan Kihika

The widows of the late Dixon Kihika Kimani have today reiterated that they have no quarrel with Susan Kihika contrary to what has been portrayed in the media in the past.

kihika widows addressing the press
kihika widows addressing the press

The widows were speaking at a press conference this morning at Kunste Hotel, Nakuru. The 5 out of the 8 widows said that what ha
d happened in the past was a small domestic issue that should not be used by the opponents of Susan Kihika.


“Kihika had 48 children in total. Out of those, Susan is the hardest working, she is the brightest and very conciliatory. She doesn’t hold a grudge,” said one of the step mothers. Jane Wanjiru.
The widows said that they have no issues whatsoever with Susan as she is one of their favourite daughters who has been good to all of them and has kept the family name alive on the national scene.
“We also take this opportunity to that president Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto for appointing Susan to spearhead the Jubilee campaign in the Central Rift region,” said another widow Miriam Warahu.


In addition, the widows speaking on behalf of the whole family have apologized to Susan for having been used by her opponents to spoil her name.
“We wish to apologize to Susan for spoiling her name. On behalf of the whole family, those present and those not present, we sincerely apologize for having been used by Susan’s opponents to soil her name,” they declared.
Those opposed to Susan Kihika politically have also been warned not to drag family disagreements into their campaigns.
“Please note that we have solved our family issues and this should not be a campaign issue,” said another of the widows.
The widows have also made an appeal to the people of Bahati to support Susan so that she can deliver to them just like the late Kihika.
The widows are, Nyambura Kihika, Alice Kihika, Lucy Wangari, Miriam Warahu, Charity Nyambura, Winnie Wangari and Margaret Wambui who was absent with apologies.

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  1. MCA Maggie

    Its okey for family to reconcile and protect one of their own…..However….Susan is just a reflection of how our lives are in the hands of non results oriented leaders….Their gvt thrives in division and have engaged our energy negatively with little desire to bring any meaningful change in the lives of our youth….Our gvt has borrowed heavily at the expense of our youth who are struggling to lead lives of full society…..which has been frustrated by tax burden which is already weighing heavily on them…..but I don blame their choice of leaders ….because the gvt of Kenya has dehumanized them for years on end now.We thot that our president was keen to bring change but as all Kenyans can see he likes the company of thieves….fraudsters…non results oriented….unfortunately we were equally mislead by his casual way of handling gvt business….and by so called dymistifying the presidency….the truth is he does not care about Kenyan youth….he has engaged us negatively for the last five years and we are unable to reconcile the fact he wants our votes again to take this country to oblivion…..and to make Kenya a failed state….if u want to know a person let him show you his freinds.. I can never forgive myself for misleading the youth to support him….I regret so much to have dragged myself in this business of breeding a tick to fatten a hyena becoz the youth of this country need someone who is honest and who desires to bring out the best in them..soon am organizing to meet with them and to decide the way regarding the predicament that has befallen them…..starting frm Kanjo Kingdom..NYS….Youth Fund….lack of employment ..access to basic human rights…..since united we stand divided we fail….

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