Kihika calls for tolerance in clash prone Njoro

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has appealed for tribal tolerance in the volatile Njoro constituency after tension piled up following the killing of an elderly man by cattle rustlers.

Kihika spoke during a peace meeting held in Ndeffo to calm the tensions between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities who for years have been engaging in unending clashes .

The Senator said that the unending mistrust between the two communities living in the area needed to be addressed urgently

During the meeting,the locals accused security apparatus in the area led by Njoro Mp Charity Kathambi for failing to address killings and cattle rustling that have emerged as a perennial problem saying that the response has been slow as well as investigation and prosecution of the culprits

They even volunteered too give out free land to the government through Njoro NG-CDF to construct a police station in the area saying that police from Ndeffo, Lusiru and Mauche have been slow while called upon

Kihingo MCA George KiereĀ  pointed fingers at the security team saying that despite retrieving stolen cows and goats, the culprits have been walking scot free even after their identification disclosure by the residents to the police and chiefs

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi and Nakuru County Women Rep Liza CheluleĀ  challenged the security enforcement team while calling locals to view the most recent killings as crime and not tribal violence


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