Kiama kia Agikuyu oppose those advocating for same sex marriage

Elders from Kiama kia Agikuyu have strongly slammed those advocating for gay and lesbianism vices in the society.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Tuesday, the elders say such vices should have no room in the society as they will derail the religious teaching as well as mess up the fabric that holds the society together.

Led by Ngugi Ng’ethe, the elders have now called on parents, church and leaders of good morals to take up the responsibility of ensuring that such vices are not cultivated among the youths.

They said they have commenced dialogues with elders from other communities in other counties to address the same.

“We are astonished as elders over the move by some individuals to advocate for lesbianism and gay marriages and that is why we have come out to pass a message against the same.

We will visit elders in other counties on the same” said Ng’ethe.

Sentiments echoed by Watene Thogoto who warned parents against advocating for such rights that the society will be in a mess.

According to elder Wetene,if parents fail to take up responsibility of ensuring their children are following up the right paths then the family fabric will be destroyed with gay and lesbian vices.

“Our appeal to parents and churches is to take up responsibility and ensure our children are not destroyed in the wave of gay and lesbianism” said Elder Wetene.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Elder Ngugi Ng’ethe from Kiama kia Agikuyu addressing media in Nakuru on Tuesday.

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