Kenyattta Avenue

Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru

Kenyatta Avenue, NakuruKenyatta Avenue in Nakuru is the heartbeat of Nakuru Town. The 1.3 KM stretch is the busiest in the town in terms of both human and vehicular traffic.

The street is home to several banks, hotels and supermarkets. Equity Bank, Family Bank, Sidian Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB and Barclays Banks are some of the banks that will be found here.
The supermarkets that have set up shop here include; Tuskys, Woolmart and Naivas which recently found a new home at Westside Mall after taking over space currently occupied by Nakumatt.
At Westside Mall, we have several popular eateries like KFC and Java. Other hotels and restaurants found along Kenyatta Avenue include; Dimples Casino, Merica, The Big Table, Mainstreet Coffee house, Sans Chic and Avenue Suites (popularly known as Chinese Restaurant).
Kenyatta Avenue is also home to other popular businesses and offices.