Kenya Tuitakayo movement to move to court over takeover of Nairobi by National government

Nakuru human rights defenders have vowed to take action against the decision taken by National Government to take over control of key dockets of Nairobi County.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Wednesday afternoon the activists termed the move as an attack on strides made in realizing devolution.

Under the umbrella ‘Kenya Tuitakayo Movement-Nakuru Chapter’, the activists termed the move unconstitutional.

“We are greatly disturbed by the move taken by Executive and the National government to take over crucial dockets from Nairobi County. We interpret this as an attempt to try and tamper with devolution as enshrined in the Constitution and we shall not remain silent” said John Kamande.

The Kenya Tuitakayo Movement Nakuru Chapter also stating that many important institutions and actors within and without government have been compromised to remain silent when there are ills and constitution violations in the country.

The members of the Lobby group however state that they will opposes such attempts to attack devolution and the strides made so far.

“We are also aware that many institutions and actors within and without the government have been compromised to remain silent on attempts to violate the constitution. We will however not remain silent” said Kamande.

Similar sentiments echoed by Njoroge Wandia who pointed out that the process violated the Constitution in that the other arms of the County Government of Nairobi were not involved.

According to Wandia, as activists they will be moving to court to challenge the move.

“We hold the view that what was done was unconstitutional and we are ready to demonstrate in a court of law” said Wandia.

Mwangi Muraya on his part faulting Governor Mike Sonko for not respecting the electorates of Nairobi.

According to Muraya, the move was to involve all the arms of the County government such as the County assembly of Nairobi which also has a representation of the electorates.

“As Kenya Tuitakayo movement Nakuru Chapter we are reminding Sonko that he was elected by electorates of Nairobi and he cannot just hand over the services as he wishes. We are ready to move to court to ensure the Sovereignty of the people is protected” said Muraya.

The national government on Tuesday took over the running of Nairobi County amid uncertainty at City Hall.

In what State House termed one of a kind landmark agreement, Governor Sonko on Tuesday handed over key functions of the county government to the national government pursuant to Article 187 of the Constitution.

The functions include county health services, transport services, county public works, utilities and ancillary services as well as county government planning and development.

There has been a crisis at City Hall after Sonko was barred from office by a court last year following his arrest over a Sh357 million graft case.

Ward Reps have been up in arms over what they termed deterioration of services in the capital city.

The MCAs also decried dwindling revenue collection, poor state of roads in the city, poor waste management and lack of medicine in city hospitals.

The MCAs are planning to impeach Sonko on Tuesday next week.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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