Kazi Mtaani program already transforming lives-MPs

The National Government’s Kazi Mtaani program is already transforming lives in Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town West Constituencies.

This is according to the area MPs David Gikaria and Samuel Arama respectively.

The duo addressed media at in Nakuru Town on Friday lauded the National government’s program saying it will go long way in addressing challenges facing youths.

The said the program has already improved livelihoods of many youths who were jobless.

Arama revealing that already 3000 youth in both the two municipality constituencies have benefited from the program that was started to cushion the vulnerable during this covid-19 pandemic.

“We want to laud the President for coming up with this program that is now transforming lives of our youths” said Arama.

The vocal Legislator also stating that the program has seen crime drop in the slum areas of Kaptembwa and Rhonda.

Sentiments echoed by Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria.

Gikaria reiterating the words of President Kenyatta that time is now for development.

While citing the Nairobi metropolitan city,the MP said the same should be replicated in Nakuru.

“We stand with the President on matters development.We have seen what he has done on Nairobi Metropolitan and we look forward to the same in Nakuru” said Gikaria.

The duo have vowed to continue supporting the President’s Big 4 agenda.

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