MCA Kajwang’ calls for proper law on ward bursary allocation formula

There is a need for a proper act that will ensure Ward bursary allocations are done as per the population of ward.

Kaptembwa Ward MCA Peter Kajwang says as it stands now, the formula being used where all wards receive the same amount is a disadvantage to other wards that have huge population.

He was speaking at Nakuru West Secondary on Saturday during a graduation ceremony for over 20 youths who were sponsored by ward bursary kitty to train in various courses from Germaine Training Institute.

Kajwang’ calling on fellow MCAs at the County assembly of Nakuru to work and ensure such legislation was in place.

“If we can come up with a good law so that bursary can be distributed using the population formula it will be a major boost to development” he said.

According to the MCA, matters education should be taken seriously by all elected leaders as it is key in transforming society.

He challenged the graduates to ensure they implement whatever skills they have acquired through the training.

“This is an opportunity and it is now your time to implement in the world and make it better|” said Kajwang’.

Nakuru West ODM politician Hezron Okiki lauding the MCA for giving priority to matters of education.

 While stating that bursary should ensure progressive training, Okiki also challenged parents to be close and encourage their children.

“The bursary should ensure our students and youths progress; it should not be a one time.Leaders should focus on empowering the Community.

The ceremony was also attended by GTI director Alex Kubasu as well as registrar Patrice Niyirora among other guests.

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