Kabazi MCA releases his Third-Year Report Card on service delivery

Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has released his Third-Year Report Card as a way of ensuring accountability to the electorates.

Speaking on Saturday during the release of the report, Mbae termed the report an accountability statement of the past with a focus on the future.

He added that this is in line with his core principle of communication and feedback in service delivery to the electorates.

“This is a voluntary self assessment progress report of our achievements for the last three years together with the county Government of Nakuru and other partners” he said.

The report seen by this writer, elaborates on how the Sh 70.9 Million for the three financial years was utilized on various development projects.

The projects are outlined under the five main pillars which are; Water, Infrastructure, Health, Education, Trade & Agribusiness.

A total Sh 33,550,000 was used on various water projects in Kabazi which include piping, drilling and equipping,installation as well as rehabilitation.

On infrastructure, a total Sh 20,389,000 was utilized on grading and murruming,  installation of 340 culverts across the ward,construction of Solai-Lasit Road,construction of Bodaboda sheds,construction of Marigu and Maombi bridges among others.

Dr.Mbae is however quick to note that most infrastructural works have had to be interrupted because of the ongoing rains in the area.

On Health Matters,the MCA reports major achievements among them mapping  out and establishing detailed and specific needs of our 4 hospitals and health centres for continuous engagement with partners.

Kabazi Level Four hospital also attained inpatient NHIF accreditation and Kirima and Gitura dispensaries were reopened.

The first time MCA also helped push for additional equipment and staff in all facilities in Kabazi Ward.

He also initiated NHIF registration exercises in conjunction with NHIF Nakuru branch where over 500 have signed up and taken up insurance cover.

Moreover, through the support of Kabazi Ward Professionals and Friends of Kabazi, purchased and distributed 2,000 face masks to bodaboda and matatu operators and market traders in fight against COVID 19.

In the Education sector, the report indicates that sh 10,400,000 was utilized towards construction and equipping of ECD classrooms in various schools, bursary and installation of free wi-fi at Kabazi centre.

The launched Adopt-A-School Mentorship Programme in collaboration with Kabazi Professionals in 32 Primary and Secondary schools in Kabazi Ward targeting parents,learners and teachers to help improve education standards.

Traders in Kabazi Ward have a reason to smile too as Sh 4,900,000 was utilized in renovation of Kabazi Market,construction of Kabazi Cooperative office, purchase of coffee pulping machine for  Jumatatu Society.

Youths and Sports is also an area that was considered in the 3 financial years towards development.

It should be noted that Kabazi ward received in 2017/18 Ksh 20m,2018/19 Ksh 20m and 2019/20 Ksh 30.9 towards development.

MCA Mbae notes that some pending projects remain top priority in the FY 20/21 going forward with already engagements going on with the county government, national government and other partners.

“We are still engaging the county on the pending prioritized projects” he said.

The first MCA to release a self assessment progress report indicates that he will be releasing his final 4th report after meeting 10 representatives from all the villages in Kabazi Ward.

The 4th Assessment Progress Report, he says, will focus on achievements for the 5 years in office, challenges, and the content of the 2022-2027 Kabazi Ward Plan.

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